Threat To Comedian Saptagiri

By - December 04, 2015 - 05:32 PM IST

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You might be under the impression that a neck to neck competition is always between the heroines only and one hit can take a starlet ahead of the rest. That is not so. The same amount of competition exists even in the department of comedians. This is more in the Tollywood industry.

The reason being, there is abundance of talent in Telugu comedy department. Among the current comedians, the name of Saptagiri is often heard and he is the hot property. But all his demand might just be in danger because of his senior. He is none other than Satyam Rajesh.

It is heard that Satyam Rajesh has done a role in the movie Nayaki and his performance in the film rocks. It is slated to be full of humour and audience will connect to Rajesh very strongly. The cine pundits say all this would give a threat to Saptagiri because after the release of Nayaki Rajesh will get many chances and gain a lot of demand.

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