Lessons To be Learned From Kona

By - November 03, 2015 - 12:07 PM IST

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If you are a smart person then you would look at those around you and learn from their mistakes so that you don’t repeat them. And then there are those people who prove to become inspirations and role models. In Tollywood, one name is now being reckoned as the lighthouse for aspiring and middle segment producers.

He is none other than Kona Venkat. He started his career as a writer for the movie Sathya helmed by RGV and eventually he also produced a movie Thoka Leni Pitta which was a major disaster. With nothing in hand, Kona again got to writing and cut to the present, he is the sought after producer for small timers.

The reason why Kona is successful is his uncanny ability to promote a film, creating the right kind of hype so that business happens smoothly, the intellect to understand what appeals to the audience and above all, providing enough content even to a regular subject with wit and style.

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