'Kanche' To Be Dubbed Into German?

By - November 03, 2015 - 11:38 AM IST

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It does not cause much of a surprise to you when you hear about Telugu films getting dubbed into other languages like Tamil, Malayalam, Hindi. But it does cause a surprise when the Telugu movie gets dubbed into a foreign language. Most of our movies tend to come with nativity so this aspect is not considered.

But according to insiders from filmnagar, one Telugu movie is all set to be dubbed into German language. That film is the recent release Kanche featuring mega hero Varun Tej along with Pragya Jaiswal. Incidentally, Kanche got an overwhelming response among the NRI audience and the collections are very strong.

Now, it is heard that since the movie is based on the second world war and it happens in the backdrop of the German occupied territory, dubbing and releasing it in German would fetch a good response. If this really happens then Telugu cinema would reach a new milestone for sure

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