Kanche sold out for a fancy price?

By - November 01, 2015 - 02:57 PM IST

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Versatile filmmaker Krish’s brainchild Kanche once again hit the bull’s eye with a critically acclaimed film like Kanche.
Kanche movie is being appreciated all over and is now slowly gaining weight commercially. We have earlier reported that there is huge demand for the Satellite rights of Kanche and popular television channels are vying for the film. According to the latest reports, popular channel MAA TV has bagged the film for Rs 4.75 Cr. Industry onlookers say this is purely the merit of the film and since the film carries a nice social message, it can be telecasted frequently especially on national occasions as well.
Kanche team is touring across the two Telugu states to thank the audience for a stupendous response. On a whole, Kanche movie stands out as an all-round success of this year.

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