Most Profitable films of 2nd Half!

By - November 01, 2015 - 02:28 PM IST

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As we all knew Cinema industry is a passion and business driven industry. For any movie, commercial success is the ultimate goal. But there are very few smart and lucky filmmakers who make small budget yet profitable films.
We are referring to two such small budget films that are drawing industry’s attention with their pre-release business. Swathi’s Tripura and Nikhil’s Sankarabharanam and the two small budget films that ended up as table profit ventures.
Swathi’s Tripura is a horror flick directed by Geethanjali fame Raaja Kiran with a budget of around Rs 6 crores while Nikhil’s Sankarabharanam is a crime comedy written by Kona Venkat and directed by debutant Uday Nandanavanam with over Rs 5 crores. Both the films made huge buzz with their trailers, songs and promotions. Producers of the respective films are very happy with their ventures earning them table profits and are confidently heading towards a big release.
Tripura movie is hitting the screens first on 6th of November as a solo release and Sankarabharanam’s is releasing on the 20th of November which creates a favorable environment for the both the films to prosper. We hope these films turn out to be good commercial success and entertain us to the fullest.

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