Shakeela's Bitter Experience with Silk Smitha

By - November 01, 2015 - 02:34 PM IST

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Some names automatically draw everyone’s attention and we can’t resist slyly seeing them or reading about them. Shakeela & Silk Smitha are one amongst such names. These two actresses popularly known as an adult star & item girl respectively are a rage in the 90’s.
While talented actress and dancer Silk Smitha passed away, Shakeela in a way ruled the Malayalam film industry for nearly a decade and even stood out as an arch rival to the top stars in the industry then. However from the past few years, Shakeela is rarely seen on the big celluloid.
Her whereabouts were recently traced out by a news channel and it is found out that she has been living in Chennai along with her adopted child (she adopted a Transgender). She has revealed some interesting facts about her life and especially a bitter experience with late actress Silk Smitha. According to Shakeela, Silk Smitha once slapped her hard on a shooting set as a part of a scene. Well, usually it isn’t so special because actors rehearse well before going to the set and cheat as if they slap. But Shakeela was so hurt that Silk Smitha slapped her for real because in spite of repeated requests, rehearsals and precautions.

Shakeela was so upset with that incident and she even told Silk Smitha later about her disappointment. This was one interesting memory she shared about her life and there are many more in her autobiography as well.
Shakeela has lost everyone now and is currently living with her transgender child finding livelihood with Kannada films. The Superstar who once ruled the roost is now boldly and confidently fighting for survival – truly irony! But all she seeks from the society is not sympathy but indeed respect.

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