Permanent Artist In Pawan Kalyan Camp

By - November 05, 2015 - 09:49 AM IST

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There are a set of patterns you tend to notice when you watch certain movies. Some have to do with signature style direction while some are about signature style performances. But what we are talking about is certain groups which tend to appear and reappear over a series of films that they do.

This is more for big stars wherein they are accompanied by a particular set of padding artists. In view of that, the talk is about one man who is seen majorly in Pawan Kalyan movies. His name is Narra Srinu and he caught attention with his distinct style in the blockbuster hit Gabbar Singh alongside Pawan.

Later, he was also seen in Attarintiki Daaredi. Sources say Narra is a permanent camp member of Pawan Kalyan and the surprising part is, it is not just in movies but also outside that Narra is seen accompanying Pawan. While it is not sure how he is known to Pawan, he has earned a fair share of celebrity status in this process.

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