Akhil promoting Nithiin's Brand

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We all know the special bonding between young heroes Akhil and Nithiin. Because of their friendship, Nithiin turned as a producer and took over the responsibility of launching Akhil as well.
Now it’s Akhil’s turn to give back. His debut venture Akhil is expected to be huge money-spinner and besides that, as a token of love and gratitude, Akhil is in turn promoting Nithiin’s business venture ‘Shresht Water Purifiers’. Akhil who is a popular through Ads much before his filmy debut is currently endorsing Nithiin’s brand and he also features in an ad of Shresht Water Purifiers.
Shresht Movies team is smartly promoting its upcoming film Akhil and Water purifier brand simultaneously by including Akhils’s ads in the teasers and promos of the film.
Well the young heroes, on top of it, thick friends are helping out each other both professionally and personally. Cheers to their “Fraandship”!

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