Crackers Queue In Ramanaidu Studios

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It is exactly a week before our best festival Diwali is about to be celebrated so it is obvious that most of you would be planning on where to buy the crackers and sweets. While you are still planning, there is already a set of queues being formed at the famous Ramanaidu Studios everyday.

Wondering why? Here is the reason. In Ramanaidu Studios, they sell crackers to staff and close people and it is heard that even the price also gets a sizeable rebate. On the other hand, it would be original Ayyan firecrackers which come all the way from Sivakasi. So, the quality and price are both appealing.

As a result, already queues have started to form and many are buying these crackers in bulk. Of course, there are also those conscientious individuals who are staying away from it citing they don’t want to cause environmental and noise pollution. For now, the festive atmosphere has already begun at Ramanaidu studios.

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