Biggest Mistake Of Tollywood Producers With Graphics

By - November 05, 2015 - 07:20 PM IST

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The first person you would blame when a film flops is the director because he is the captain of the ship. But there are also many instances wherein the goofups of the producers result in flops. These days, some of the producers in the Tollywood circuit are doing a big mistake with graphics.

Because professional graphic companies charge a premium rate, for cost cutting the producers are depending on freelancers. They are not very reliable and they don’t regret even if the film doesn’t work. Secondly, no legal action can be taken on them. If it is a corporate company they are bound to be sued.

Even the companies work attentively because they know the consequences. So, while producers want Avatar range graphics they are not willing to spend an equivalent range of money. Recently, one top CG company is also in the process of filing IP. Inside news reveals they are being asked to do work at less than half the price promising them fame and recognition. As a result, the company is ending up with huge expenditure. This type of exploiting CG companies is also another blunder from the producers.

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