Robo 2 Tensions for Shankar!

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The extravagant South Indian filmmaker Shankar is known for his larger than life sets, crystal clear script and grandeur in his films. His previous project I couldn’t fetch him the expected results but the director is keen on doing a sequel to his popular film Robot which released in 2010 with Superstar Rajnikanth and Aishwarya Rai in lead roles.

Robot was a remarkable success in Tamil, Telugu and to some extent in Hindi as well and Shankar is quite positive about the prospect of sequel for this flick. However, there has been no official announcement for the sequel till date. Still, rumors and speculations are in the air and one such update is- Hollywood’s macho Terminator Arnold Schwarzenegger is roped in for the role of villain opposite Rajni for this!

Arnold has good friendship with Shankar and he even attended the audio launch event of I. But when it comes to accepting a film, sources say that Arnold is creating little trouble! The fitness crazy Arnold  demanded a staggering remuneration of 100 crore for his role alone. To make things complicated, he suggested some script changes and asked Shankar to associate with Hollywood script writers instead. It is even said that he isn’t giving the adequate call sheets for the director.

Observing this friction, we might be tempted to conclude that Shankar might opt out Arnold but we will have to wait and see because just by adding a Hollywood star to his film would raise market value to hundred fold!

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