Tripura Movie Review & Ratings

By - November 06, 2015 - 12:56 PM IST

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Cast: Swathi, Naveen Chandra, Sapthagiri, Rao Ramesh
Banner: Crazy Media
Music: Kamran
Story: Kona Venkat & Veligonda Srinivas
Producers: A Chinababu & M Rajsekhar
Director: Raaja Kiran

Tagline: Onetime Watch Wholesome Entertainer


Tripura (Colors Swathi) is a village belle who has a rare abnormality of dreaming future tragedies. Dr. Naveen (Naveen Chandra) is appointed by chief doctor Rao Ramesh to treat Tripura. Inspector Tilak (Tilak) is a cop investigating the death case of doctor Esha (Pooja Ramachandran) who used to be in love with doctor Naveen in the past. Naveen & Tripura get married but Naveen’s past and the death of Esha haunts Tripura. How does Esha’s death mystery unfold and what does Tripura do to unfurl this forms the rest of the plot.


Swathi: She is cute, homely in the film. Her scenes with Saptagiri are hilarious & her performance in the climax is impressive.

Naveen Chandra: He is cool and added value to the film.

Saptagiri: He is truly an asset for the film. The laughter this ace comedian evoked is hilarious especially in the first half.

Pooja Ramachandran: She impresses with a brief yet intriguing role.

Tilak: This Kannada actor impressed with his looks and performance. He’s got a pleasant surprise for the audience which will be unfolded in the climax alone.

While Rao Ramesh was underutilized, JP & Shakalaka Shankar are seen in some amusing scenes in the second half.


The album by Syed Kamran was decent enough but he scored brownie points with his haunting back ground score.


Raaja Kiran, the man who made a commercially successful horror comedy like Geethanjali is back with yet another film in the same genre. But this time he prefers to have Tripura different from his earlier film.

Technically, this film may not be a full-too horror film but the smart blend of comedy with thin slices of horror keeps the audience engaged. This smart director ensured that his script is loaded with comedy and his trump card Saptagiri did not disappoint him. His lead characters Swathi, Naveen Chandra, Tilak, Pooja & Rao Ramesh gave their best to keep this horror drama spooky. On the other hand, his screen play which is rather more focused on comedy in the first half breaks into intermission with a trivial twist. But the much crucial second half that needs to do justice to the horror segment is close but no cigar!

However, Saptagiri, JP & Shakala Shankar are the knights in the shining armor for this segment as well. The director was successful in getting some impressive performances aided technically, thereby making it a decent watch.


- Lead Performances by Swathi, Pooja, Tilak, Naveen Chandra, Saptagiri

- The comedy of Saptagiri, JP & Shakalaka Shankar

- Ravi Kumar’s Cinematography & Kamran’s Back ground score

- Dialogues by Raaja Kiran.

- Engaging Narration especially in the first half.


- Treatment of the film.


The visual effects by Element6fx added the much needed value to the film.


Tripura is just not a horror comedy but indeed a onetime watch wholesome entertainer with a decent blend of comedy.

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