Shocking Public Act By Actress

By - November 07, 2015 - 11:54 AM IST

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Once you become a celebrity you got to be extremely conscious and cautious about what you are doing in public. Even if you do it inadvertently it is perceived or converted into something negative and used as the best fodder for media and gossip mongers. This is one reason why many celebs are quite stiff outside.

However, there are also those who don’t really give in to such things and are chilled out. Recently, one public act of a well known heroine has proved that. She is none other than Kriti Sanon and she is currently in Goa shooting for a movie. Post her shoot, this pretty girl did something which took many by surprise.

Well, she hired a scooter and roamed around in the streets of Goa just like regular tourists and other girls do. This is something rare and being a celebrity roaming like that has shocked many. But some of them are really impressed with Kriti’s cool attitude and say she doesn’t carry any airs.

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