Anushka: The Next Lady Superstar?

By - November 07, 2015 - 12:04 PM IST

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The world of Telugu Cinema is filled with glitz and glamour-especially when it concerns female leads. The audience as well as critics have seemingly unrealistic expectations about the way an actress carries herself on the screen as well as off the screen. She is supposed to look beautifully stunning with great fitness levels, dance like a storm, and perform any role with unmistakable ease. All these have to be done without overshadowing the hero’s role as it is the prime concern for an industry where hero worship is rampant.

While most of the Telugu actresses are migrated from predominantly from north or even a foreign country, there is one actress who graced Telugu Cinema with a short yet powerful role in Nagarjuna’s Super in the year 2005. She was stunningly pretty with perfect look, expressive eyes and ultra glamorous opposite the extremely handsome hero Nagarjuna. Though her role was short lived in the film, everybody realized that a star was born- but it was only an actress who can suit glamorous roles!

But Anushka designed her career in such a way that she wouldn’t take the conventional path of glamorous roles and feature in formulaic films having six songs and three fights. She balanced her career with commercial flicks along with some memorable performances such as Jejamma in Arundhati, the kind hearted prostitute Saroja in Vedam, and of course the recent portrayal of warrior princess Rudramadevi this year.

Anushka could withstand the presence of stunning star cast like Prabhas, Rana, Ramya Krishna and so on and yet made a terrific impact as the older Devasena in Rajamouli’s Baahubali: The Beginning. She breathed fire and looked like a Goddess Shakti whenever she uttered a line in this role. It was equally shocking to see her in a middle class fat woman who dreams of becoming thin and slender for her yet to be releasing film Size Zero next!

In an industry where the career span of a female lead lasts just few years or even less, Anushka is getting better and steady even after 10 years of her glorious acting in Cinema. After the reign of Vijayashanti who could pull off Family oriented roles and action sequences with equal ease, it is Anushka who went a step further by keeping on experimenting and testing her abilities to the fullest! This sure says that Anushka is ready to claim the throne of Lady Superstar in Telugu Cinema now.

She is equally considerate and professional even off the screen as well by being kind to her staff as well. It is even said that she herself is getting houses constructed for her staff exclusively now. Even during controversial attention and comments on her looks- she gracefully handles it with a sparkling smile and balanced conversation!

Being a yoga teacher and a follower, Anushka knows not only about balancing a posture but also her life and acting career! iQlikmovies wishes the extremely sweet Anushka a very happy birthday and a fantastic year ahead!

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