RGV Fans Attempted To Attack Actor?

By - November 09, 2015 - 10:10 AM IST

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You would not be surprised when you hear that fans of a particular big star have attacked someone but have you ever heard of fans of a director attacking a hero instead? Well, it almost happened in Tollywood. We are talking about the duo of Ram Gopal Varma and young hero Raj Tharun respectively.

It is known that a lot of hue and cry came over the series of tweets that came from Raj Tharun’s twitter handle. Reports now reveal a lot of warnings came from junior artists association, directors association and other units. Though Raj has claimed he didn’t nobody believed and prepared to attack him.

Then RGV entered the scene and clarified and mentioned that it was him who took Raj’s phone and did it. Though RGV has said it, it is heard that people are still not convinced so it would take some time for Raj Tharun to come out of this controversy and till then, it is better he takes care of himself.

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