RGV's Shocking Diwali Special

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The festival of Diwali is all about lights and firecrackers and many of you would wish your loved ones to have an explosive festival albeit in a good sense. But when it comes to the eccentric genius Ram Gopal Varma, every festival becomes a field day for him and he takes advantage of it to the fullest.

Well, RGV tends to come up with a series of tweets on important festivals and they are not just mocking but also sensational. Sometimes, they go overboard and rub a few believers on the wrong side as well. Now, inside news reveals the coming Diwali festival will see something like that.

News is that RGV is going to come up with few tweets during Diwali which is going to be quite shocking. Fans of RGV thoroughly enjoy his tweets and go into the trance but it has to be seen how the rest will receive it. Well, it looks like some explosive Diwali is going to take place online on the Twitter platform then.

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