Best Comments About Akhil's Look

By - November 13, 2015 - 11:35 AM IST

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After a lot of hype and hoopla, the much talked about movie Akhil has hit the screens and the main reason for this garnering so much attention is due to its hero. Akkineni Akhil, son of ‘King’ Nagarjuna and Amala made his debut as a hero. Many wanted to see how the Akkineni scion will fare at this.

So now, the reports have come and here is a small gist. The entire movie is being perceived as a showcase reel for Akhil. He has scored the brownie points in dance and fight sequences. While his voice has also got good marks, the feedback is that he needs to work on his dialogue delivery.

The other big plus for him is the screen presence. Many felt quite engaged when they saw Akhil onscreen and strongly believe it would take few more films for him to polish his skills. All in all, this star kid has proved that he has the potential to become yet another superstar from his illustrious family.

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