RGV Comments on Terrorists & Gods

By - November 14, 2015 - 05:33 PM IST

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Ram Gopal Varma is one man in the industry who has enough guts to call spade a spade. He always comes up with his trademark witty comments and striking satires on the various issues in the society.

The current headlines of the hour is about militants attack on Paris and the whole world came under one roof in condemning the attacks and praying for the souls who lost in the attacks.

On this context RGV came up with a series of tweets in which he targeted Allah, Balaji and Jesus. Just have a quick sneak peek into his tweets-

It seems dumb to me to offer prayers for terror victims..if at all God was there wouldn't he have stopped the attacks in the first place?

The irony is that the terrorists seem to have much greater belief in God than us dumbos who just pray from a very safe distance

I think better to pray to Allah to stop these terror atrocities as all the other Gods seem completely incompetent to stop this barbarism

Instead of just diplomats running around isn't it wise for Jesus and Balaji also to meet Allah once to sort out the differences?

The true terror of the Paris attacks is the rude reminder that Terror can sneak up from behind u and surprise u anywhere anytime

Terrorists greatest weapon is surprise and none can be prepared for a surprise ..That's becos,if u are prepared it can't be called surprise.

No matter how dumb it sounds celebs and politicos trying to teach Quran to terrorists sounds like they are teaching a fish to swim

Celebs Instead of quoting simplistic lines from Quran shud understand what is it in Quran that the terrorists seem to so unshakeably believe

I guess God doesn't care about prayer tweets of celebs because the terror attacks keep happening irrespective of the flood of tweet prayers

My prayers are with the prayers of all the prayers who are praying against the prayers who pray while commiting their attacks

Something is drastically wrong with concept of God if we are praying for the victims to be saved and the terrorists are praying to kill them

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