'Garam' Proves Hot

By - November 16, 2015 - 11:00 AM IST

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The culture of having Hindi titles in Telugu is quite common and the Telugu audience is also quite open minded to accept it. While some titles are powerful, some titles give that mass impact and right now one movie is creating some buzz not just due to its title but also due to its heroine.

We are talking about the movie Garam which has Lovely Rocking Star Aadi in the lead and he is pairing up with the cute eyed beauty Adah Sharma. So far, Adah has been well within limits in terms of her glamour quotient but inside news reveals she has unleashed a new side this time.

Buzz is that Adah has come up with some really bold image in this movie and her hot treat will prove a delight to the masses. Well, as long as Garam becomes a hot property at the box office, that’s what matters because this is a crucial project for Adah as well as Aadi too.

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