Reason behind Kumari's 'A' Certificate!

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These days when you make a film your total energy and efforts would be to ensure it gets a clean ‘U’ certificate from the censor board. At the most, you would be willing to settle for a ‘U/A’ but a clear ‘A’ is never in your agenda. Many filmmakers in Tollywood had issues with censor board in the past.

This was when their movies got ‘A’ certificate. However, there is one film which knew it was bound to get an ‘A’ and are now hitting the screens. We are talking about the movie Kumari 21F and after a long time, one Telugu movie has got an ‘A’ certificate. Some are wondering what could be the reason.

Well, here is the inside report. It is heard that one song is responsible for it. The number goes ‘Bangkok Bangkok…’ and sources reveal the song has enough spice and bold visuals which will take the audience by surprise. We would know the other reasons if any on November 20th when the film releases.

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