Mahesh Kathi's Four Points For Film Failure

By - November 16, 2015 - 04:13 PM IST

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All you need is the social media to create an identity for yourself and it has become the platform to showcase your talent and knowledge. Notable among them is Facebook and many have been using FB as their road to expression. Though many do it, only a few show that mettle and one among them is Mahesh Kathi.

He has attracted the attention of the main media through his transparent and on the face feedback on movies and the industry as a whole. He also made his presence felt in TV as a noted critic. Later, he made a movie titled as Pesarattu and now he has come up with four reasons behind film failure and they are as follows-

Creative Failure: Due to a gap in thought and scripting process, audience is not getting connected and the filmmaker’s basic emotion about the film itself could be wrong. This is creative failure.

Making Failure: Improper casting, issues during execution, poor selection of technicians, failure to conceive script onto screen properly and lack of good making result in flops.

Cost Failure: Though story and everything is perfect resulting in film’s success, if investment is not recovered, it is cost failure. This happens due to improper planning or over indulgence. Once a film crosses the budget limit, it will fall flat in the market.

Promotion/Release Failure: No matter how the movie is made, getting it to the audience is key. Promotion is important to get him/her to the theatre. Hundreds of movies are lying in labs unable to do this. If we are to know in what range we have failed, firstly we have to come out of this failure.

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