Navdeep Deep Condolence

By - November 16, 2015 - 04:17 PM IST

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A basic human emotion which is currently running across many of you would be your empathy and sympathy towards the dastardly terror attacks in Paris. While the whole world is expressing its condolences, even Tollywood has also contributed but one man has taken an extra step.

He is none other than hero Navdeep and the cat eyed talented hero has expressed a rather ‘deep‘ condolence. Well, he has also offered his heartfelt grief towards places such as Baghdad, Beirut, Japan. There is a good reason why he has done that. Even these places have also witnessed calamities.

While Baghdad and Beirut have also been attacked by the ISIS terrorists resulting in many deaths, Japan was struck by an earthquake at Kushiro, Hokkaido which has also resulted in the triggering of a small tsunami. This gesture by Navdeep has drawn attention of many and it is indeed commendable.

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