Tollywood Director Into Active Politics

By - November 18, 2015 - 03:22 PM IST

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From a long time you must have noticed how the nexus between the film industry and politics has been growing. Subsequently, politics has turned out to be an alternative career for few film stars who felt they had enough of the entertainment industry. But almost everyone of them have been actors.

Keeping aside the debate whether they have done something to the welfare of the people or not, it is an absolute rare instance to see a film director getting into politics. But it is going to happen in Tollywood very soon. Reports reveal one Telugu filmmaker cum producer is going to join active politics.

He is none other than Madhura Sreedhar and sources reveal he would be joining BJP very soon. Sources close to him also reveal that from 2019 he will join active politics as that has been his long term goal. What remains to be seen is whether Madhura Sreedhar will continue to be part of Tollywood or not after 2019.

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