TV Serials Patronizing Film Studios

By - November 18, 2015 - 03:26 PM IST

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Whenever there is a change in a way a product is being manufactured, it automatically changes the surroundings as well. This also applies to the world of cinema. There was a time when majority of movies used to get shot inside a film studio and they were prospering in a big way.

In Hyderabad, the likes of Saradhi Studios, Ramakrishna studios and Annapurna studios were considered the hot properties for film shootings. But with passing time, budgets have risen and barring few key talkie scenes, rest of the shooting is happening in foreign locations or outside.

As a result, the demand for these studios came down. But now, they have again found a ray of hope and anticipation. This is in the form of the TV serials. According to reports, many floors of the above mentioned three studios are being booked by the TV serial teams and their patronage has revived the situation of these fading film setups.

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