'K21F' Is Very Crucial For Babu

By - November 18, 2015 - 03:30 PM IST

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Usually you would call a small kid as Babu in Telugu but in Tollywood parlance it has a very different meaning. Some of the biggest and powerful star heroes are called as Babu by those around. The moment a hero is addressed as Babu it means he has reached a stage of success.

One such Babu to join the club latest is none other than young hero Raj Tharun and right now he is gearing up for a litmus test at the box office. This is through his new movie Kumari 21F which is hitting the screens on November 20. This film is crucial for Raj Tharun for various reasons.

Based on its success his career graph will be cemented. So far, both his movies became hits and if this one also clicks then it would become a hat trick of sorts which is a very rare trend these days for heroes. Buzz is that already the cine folks are ready to address him as Babu but they are just waiting for Kumari 21F’s result.

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