Akhil's Market Value Decided

By - November 19, 2015 - 10:16 AM IST

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When you are trying to figure out what sort of a business potential a hero has, all you have to do is check out on the collections his previous movie has generated. For some heroes, just their debut movie would create a bracket especially if they come from a star family background.

In lieu of that, the latest star kid to hit the block is Akkineni Akhil. He came up with the movie Akhil which was made at 45 crores budget and reports reveal it collected 25 crores. The trade analysts have declared that’s his market value and feel it would grow further with his movies.

Usually it is determined by the power of openings and if the openings are thumping it gives good marks to the hero. Though Akhil the film got a bad talk his stamina has been proved at the box office. So, films should be planned in such a budget that his market value can be achieved with profits.

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