Gunman Becomes More Popular As Penman

By - November 19, 2015 - 03:37 PM IST

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It is a clear cut rule that those who belong to a certain profession tend to develop a psyche in a similar manner. For instance, a software professional is more on softness and brain intelligence. A cricketer is more on physical stamina and mental toughness. Similarly, a cop is considered rough and tough.

There are those cops who have not hesitated to use their guns when the situation demanded. One such cop is Neeraj Kumar and he happens to be the former police commissioner for Delhi. He has now switched from a gunman to a pen man. We mean to say he has become a writer of his own experiences.

Now, Neeraj has attained a lot of attention and the reason for that is his book ‘My Conversations With Dawood Ibrahim’. A sneak peek into the book has revealed some interesting and shocking stuff so it is expected to shake the stands and the world of book readers. Get set for this one then!

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