Nithiin makes 1 request to Nag?

By - November 19, 2015 - 05:09 PM IST

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Nithiin, the young hero who bounced back from the pit recently turned a producer with the most hyped film of the season- Akhil. Unfortunately, his debut stint brought huge loss to his production house.

Coming to the news, Akhil movie was opened to full houses on the day one and but there has been a steady dip in the collections from the second day due to the negative talk. The film was made with a budget of around Rs 40 Cr and according to preliminary estimates Akhil has incurred a loss up to Rs 22- 25 Cr so far.

Nithiin is apparently bearing huge pressure from the distributors and buyers to compensate their losses. Helpless Nithiin approached Nagarjuna for help and Nag even promised to look into and settle the issue at the earliest. Akhil has received remuneration for this film which he hasn’t reportedly volunteered to return in the interest of the distributors.

So will Nag convince his young son or the affected distributors? We just need to wait and see how Nag would tackle this!

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