Why U/A Certificate For 'Size Zero'?

By - November 21, 2015 - 04:29 PM IST

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Whether you are the producer, director or the hero, the most nauseating fear you would experience is when your film goes to the censor board for certification. Quite often, Tollywood has seen skirmishes with censor board officials over the certification process.

This happens more when the film is given an ‘A’ certificate. This time, a much talked about family entertainer has been given a ‘U/A’ certificate. We are talking about the movie Size Zero featuring the awesome beauty Anushka and the Kollywood raw hunk Arya.

Those who heard about it are asking how can it get U/A and it needs to be given as clean U. The film was touted to be a complete family entertainer and it is gearing up for release on November 27th worldwide. Guess we will have to wait it out till release date and get the truth.

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