Gopichand's Two Letter Sentiment

By - November 21, 2015 - 04:35 PM IST

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Everyone of you would be having your own share of sentiments when it has to do with success and you would follow it for a long time. For some of them, it works all the time and for some it works few times. This sentiment angle is very high in the entertainment industry.

In Tollywood, many heroes, producers and directors follow certain sentiments. The talk now is about aggressive star Gopichand. He has got this sentiment of having two letters as title for his movies. Whether it is hero or villain, the title in Telugu comes as two letters.

Here is a list of movies which certify this sentiment- Ranam, Jayam, Yudhdham, Nijam, Varsham, Souryam, Lakshyam. Now, his new movie gearing up for release has been titled as Soukhyam and his next project after that has been titled as Balam. Best of success with this Gopichand!

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