Censor Board on Spectre Kiss Censor

By - November 24, 2015 - 12:08 PM IST

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The entire world and Hollywood as well is alight with happiness for the latest James Bond movie release Spectre starring the handsome hunk Daniel Craig once again in the lead role. James Bond movies in general are lavishly laden with romantic scenes along with glamorous leading ladies opposite the handsome character.

Spectre isn’t an exception to this regard and naturally it became a concern for CBFC once again. There is one kiss scene in particular which was heavily tampered by the censor board in India which became a hot topic of discussion. Many people criticized the regulatory ideas of CBFC and said such cuts hamper the film viewing.

However, CBFC chairman Pahlaj Nihlani condemned such talk by saying that it is entirely justified to cut the scene and it was done after serious considerations. He said that such comments are baseless and targeted for no reason. Pahlaj also said that from now, CBFC will give even more intricate certifications such as 12, 12+, 15, 15+, A, A+, A+++.

If a film gets A+++, he said that it wouldn’t get permission to be telecasted in Television.  Already, controversial film personalities like Ram Gopal Varma criticized the heavy regulatory ideals of CBFC. Should see what he would react to this latest development!

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