All Eyes on Cherry?

By - November 24, 2015 - 11:42 AM IST

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The main reason for Megastar Chiranjeevi earning so many fans is for his breathtaking dance moves and amazing grace. Despite the choreography by senior dance masters, Chiranjeevi always took great care in maintaining his own style in dance and his stylish appearances.

When his son Ram Charan was about to make a debut in acting career, he was naturally in tremendous pressure about whether he can live up to his father’s dancing skills! However, Cherry made an impact on Modern day Tollywood with stylish dances and cool performances for every film of his. In fact, every film he does feature him dancing with most unique moves ever. Though his latest release Bruce Lee disappointed him in terms of result, the actor went for a short holiday to USA and after coming back to India, he might be doing his first live dance performance in IIFA awards this year!

This buzz has cheered up many Mega fans and they are eagerly waiting for the official confirmation. If this happens, then Cherry can easily make it up for the lukewarm performance of Bruce Lee with his fantastic dance moves on live stage!

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