Is Raj Tharun Seeing This?

By - November 24, 2015 - 03:50 PM IST

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If becoming a hero is one thing, achieving success is another thing. However, things don’t stop there. The real deal begins when you taste success and you have to sustain it for a long innings. This is where many heroes go wrong and those who follow a formula tend to stand for a longer period.

The reason for this discussion is due to the momentum that the young hero Raj Tharun is currently seeing. He has scored a hat trick because his latest release Kumari 21F has become a super duper hit. The collections are thumping across all centers and the film is becoming a bumper hit.

Since the going is good usually heroes tend to increase their remuneration. So, if Raj Tharun also increases his remuneration then when his film flops his rate will also come down. The seniors are suggesting it should not be the case and he should maintain a uniform pay for a series of projects so that his brand will continue. Let us wish this formula will be implemented by Raj Tharun then.

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