Tamil Title Brings Laughs For Telugus

By - November 24, 2015 - 03:46 PM IST

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Languages have got a funny way of conveying meanings and what would mean right in one language means something very contrasting in another language. For instance, Repu in Telugu means tomorrow but in English it is understood as molestation. Here is another example now.

Though Telugu and Tamil languages have many similarities there are few words which convey a different essence. True to that, one title for a Tamil film is currently bringing smiles to the faces of the Telugu people. Well, the movie’s name is Bongu also called as Pongu in Tamil.

As such, it is a slang word used in Tamil to express something which can be torn but in Telugu it is more or less used to express disgust or condemn citing it is unfair. So, while the Telugu folks are busy having a laugh it would be interesting to see what will happen if this movie is going to be dubbed in Telugu.

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