Laddu Babu Vs Size Zero

By - November 28, 2015 - 05:32 PM IST

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When you come across a storyline of a film which is similar to another film’s storyline it is natural to draw a link between both the films. But in Tollywood, another type of comparison is happening because of the characterization of the protagonists.

We are talking about Laddu Babu and Size Zero and the reason being, the films have Allari Naresh and Anushka respectively in a fully bloated avatar. While Allari Naresh worked real hard to get that stout look, Anushka also went through some humongous efforts.

They looked very obese and attracted an initial attention. But then, fact remains when content is weak, films don’t impress the audience no matter how much packaging happens. It happened with Laddu Babu and it is now happening with Size Zero. Reports reveal in Anushka’s movie an average response has come. Better luck next time!

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