Fight Between Lyricists And Producers Still On!

By - November 28, 2015 - 05:10 PM IST

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Though the film industry is all about artists and technicians and creative individuals, there is also another undercurrent that runs. We are talking about the routine issues and clashes of interest that keep happening. Currently, one age old issue is between the film lyricists and producers.

Apparently, the producers are saying we are paying you, give the song rights and intellectual rights to us. The lyricists are saying we are giving this song only for using it in that particular movie but the intellectual rights are ours. As such, constitution has given this facility to lyricists.

But practically lyricists claiming that to be their permanent property is not fair, as per producers. They are quoting an example of mason, construction workers building the house for money and later returning to claim a stake in the home. However, lyricists say this is going to be their bread and butter when they retire and they also have a constitutional right so they cannot leave it. Let us see what happens.

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