Srinu Vaitla to Complaint on Kona?

By - November 30, 2015 - 01:23 PM IST

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The differences between popular filmmaker Srinu Vaitla and star dialogue writer Kona Venkat brought much needed buzz and debates in Tollywood fraternity along with fans. When Srinu Vaitla choose different set of dialogue writers for Mahesh Babu’s Aagadu, many people had their doubts about how well the film would fare. Right to the scene, Aagadu bombed at the Box Office and Loukyam which had Kona Venkat’s dialogues became a blockbuster.

As a result, the opinion that Kona Venkat is the real brainchild for Srinu Vaitla strengthened which led to lot of debates once again. When Srinu Vaitla signed up Ram Charan for next film Bruce Lee, the concerned actor patched up things between these two talented individuals and was sure that success is guaranteed.

But Bruce Lee was heavily criticized for routine comedy and boring sequences. Kona Venkat commented on Srinu Vaitla saying that the director never credited his technicians properly and claimed that the scenes he wrote for the film were totally ignored by the latter. Now, Srinu Vaitla is furious over Kona giving controversial and defaming comments and interviews after the release of the film and some other directors also apparently second him in this regard. Sources say that the director is planning to complain on Kona Venkat to director’s council and we need to see how things will progress from then.

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