Veerappan's Wife gets Stunning Reply

By - December 01, 2015 - 11:43 AM IST

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The maverick director Ram Gopal Varma is not only confident and straightforward in  the subjects he choose for movies but also off the screen while bringing forth his opinions on various happenings around the World. He earned an own set of admirers as well as opponents for this nature. In the same way, RGV’s movies are never out of controversy and he knows perfectly well how to silence his opponents not with violence but with intelligence!

RGV has made a movie Killing Veerappan which is based on the life and times of terrorizing Veerappan which is all set to release this weekend. But Veerappan’s wife Muthu Lakshmi filed a case on RGV claiming that the director took permission only for Hindi version but now the film is being released in Telugu, Kannada and Tamil languages. She maintained saying that her husband was a great man and truth was twisted in the film version. For these sensational statements, RGV gave a fitting reply in his own style..

The crazy director said that for every mother her son would look great even if he is a deadly in real life. The same applies to a wife who innocently believes her husband is great. He coolly asked that if Muthulakshmi feels Veerappan is great, then what about Father of the Nation Mahatma Gandhi!

We will have to see what Muthu Lakshmi has to say about this!

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