Sankarabharanam Movie Review & Ratings

By - December 04, 2015 - 10:48 AM IST

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Cast: Nikhil, Nanditha Raj, Anjali, Sampath Raj, Rao Ramesh, Sapthagiri, Geetha Singh, Prithvi
Banner: MVV Cinema
Story: Kona Venkat
Music: Praveen Lakkaraju
Cinematographer: Richard Prasad
Producer: MVV Sathyanarayana
Director: Uday Nandanavanam

Good Time Pass Entertainer (Excuse them Vishwanathji)


Gautam (Nikhil) is a happy go-lucky NRI guy enjoying his wealthy father’s hard earned money. One day his father is bankrupted and to survive further legal troubles, Gautam’s mother Rajjo sends him to sell Sankarabharanam Palace, their only property left in Bihar. While Gautam comes down to India to sell off the palace, he meets Badrinath (Rao Ramesh) & family who shower love upon him & his mom Rajjo and is eventually kidnapped by the local gangs of Pandeyji (Sampath Raj), Dhaku Rani Munni (Anjali) & Saleem Bhai. Gautam’s brainy, hilarious yet adventurous escape from Bihar & his problems forms the rest of the plot.


Nikhil: This chocolate boy plays a smart and go-easy NRI guy with the ‘attitude’ and not to be forgotten the accent too. He looks suave with some toned body and as usually good with his act too.

Nanditha Raj: She is cute and was impressive as a hyper active and doting love interest of the hero.

Anjali: The rather popular “Seetha” is seen as a notorious bandit queen Munni in the film. Well, it can be said that Anjali fits the bill like none. Her role was short yet significant.

Before we talk of the baddies in the film, “30yrs Industry” Prithvi as Percentage Paramesh deserves a special mention – he was riot in the film [Sorry, we didn’t have any percentage for this feedback!]

Now Sampath Raj, a menacing villain otherwise will be seen in a rather dumb kingpin in the film – entertaining though (especially in the second half).

Saptagiri: How can we forget him when talking about a Kona Venkat film?! He handles the entire first half and nonetheless to say he was hilarious.

The rest of the cast including the villain gang and the comedy gang including Sanjay Mishra, Satyam Rajesh, Shakalaka Shankar, Harshavardhan, Krishnabhagavan & others did their best.


Having said that it is a Kona Venkat’s film, an average cinegoer would usually expect a template but this film has a different storyline (of course not new to us.. Remember Phas Gaye Re Obama?). If you can take Kona’s disclaimer (at the beginning of the film) seriously and stop looking for logics and wow factors, you might be able to enjoy this film.

Given the comedy quotient and pacy narration (especially in the second half), it can be said that the makers have successfully “Telugized” Phas Gaye Re Obama. Now forgetting about the remake aspect, Sankarabharam as a film is nothing but a time pass entertainer. The film’s story already has an interesting point playing around the kidnap culture in Bihar and on top of it you have some hilarious segments of Saptagiri and 30yrs Prithvi. So naturally aspects like novelty, authenticity, emotional connect, coerced songs etc miss the focus beam.

The first half starts on an interesting note and sails off swiftly but as time & plot progresses, it appears to be slipping off the track but the amusing second half with a pacy yet engaging narration studded with hilarious episodes here and there make the film a safer bet. In a nutshell, the second half was better than the first half.

To sum it up – Looked like the makers relied upon the comedy quotient to feast the masses with a paisa vasool entertainer.

Performances of the lead cast especially Nikhil, Anjali, Sampath Raj, Sanjay Mishra.
Comedy of Saptagiri, Shakala Shankar & Gang and especially Prithvi (in the second half).
Not so routine story laced up with an engaging Narration.
Decent Music & Background score.
Impressive Cinematography.

A rather sluggish first half and absence of any wow-factors.

The album by Praveen Lakkaraju was different and versatile. Well his background score was decent enough going in sync with the mood of the film.

The gritty locations in the film need a special mention.

Sankarabharanam is a one-time watch timepass entertainer – A perfect pick for the weekend. If you can leave your brains at home and not ask for logic but just enjoy comedy, this film is for you.


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