Sowcar Janaki Shocks All

By - December 05, 2015 - 04:31 PM IST

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The rate at which new actresses are flooding the industry it becomes very difficult for all of us to remember their names. Given that situation, it would be next to impossible the names of heroines who belong to the black and white era. But there is one actress who has crossed her 80s but is still going strong.

She is none other than Sowcar Janaki and this 83 year old has now shocked everyone. Well, Sowcar Janaki is doing a key role in the movie Soukyam and in that, she is dressed up in modern outfit and looks like a foreign lady with all lipstick, a stylish hat and shirt and trouser.

A still related to Sowcar Janaki is currently making rounds on the web and it is getting a lot of response. So, instead of the aggressive star Gopichand or the expressive seductress Regina who are the lead pair, it is this octogenarian who is drawing the crowd’s attention at this moment.

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