Kamal's Sensational Comments on TN Govt

By - December 05, 2015 - 12:27 PM IST

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The charming and evergreen actor Kamal Hassan can set the screen on fire with his acting brilliance and at the same time speaks his mind clearly off the screen. He is known for standing up for what he believes to be true and fights for it till the cause is achieved. Kamal was faced with many problems because of his straightforward nature but yet he still keeps the spirit going.

On the shocking devastation done by Chennai floods this week, Kamal chose to speak about the negligent Tamil Nadu Government.  While there is a happy transformation that many people themselves are coming forward to help each other, Kamal said that it pains him to see many people still suffering and looking or basic amenities. By saying he respects Jayalalithaa’s government, he stressed on the point that Government isn’t conducting relief activities in full flow.

Kamal said that if the capital Chennai itself is so bad, what is the position of remote villages and people in there. As taxpayers, he said people have a right to know about the usage of relief funds. He angrily said that the entire functionality of the state has been affected and government must act quickly before it gets irreparable.

We will have to see what Jayalalithaa has in reply for this!

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