Raghu Kunche's Message To MAA TV

By - December 05, 2015 - 12:22 PM IST

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Controversies and spats in tinsel town are quite common but most of the times they don’t come out and get settled amicably. But there are times when some issues happen in public and though this is rare it has happened recently in a reality show which took place in the MAA TV channel.

The issue was between the talented Raghu Kunche and one of the judges R P Patnaik. Apparently, Raghu’s team got eliminated and he felt there was injustice in the decision. This led to a small skirmish. While the episode ended coolly, Raghu showed his etiquette with the below message to the channel-

I appreciate "MAA TV" Ninna telecast ina super singer 9 episode lo Elimination round ayina tharvatha -nenu maatladina prathi word ni okka word koodaa Edit cheyyakundaa Telecast chesi thana Honesty ni Nilabettukundi-- General ga ilaaanti controversy matters ni telecast chesetappudu Edit chesesthaaru--But idi oka REALITY SHOW - aa SHOW lo jarigina issues sambandinchina matter ni motham word to word Telecast chesina MAA TV ni Manaspporthigaa Abhinandisthunnanu ---Thanquu MAATV

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