TV Actress falls for Online Fraud

By - December 05, 2015 - 12:03 PM IST

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We are living in an age of vulnerability and scrutiny where every move enables an imprint in online world. The real world and virtual world are inherently blended together and cyber crimes have become rampant. Unfortunately, it is not only the common public but also celebrities who fall for the fake messages and tricks done by the fraudsters.

A similar situation happened to a TV actor named Anjali Badoria when she got a message from a person assuring her to give a leading role in Ekta Kapoor’s upcoming serial production. He said that the actor had to pay her a sum of one lakh rupees to seal the deal. The innocent actor believed and when she failed to get a call as promised, she complained the same in Balaji Telefilms office.

Incidents like this make us realize that one need to be quite vigilant and cross check every notification to ensure the credibility.

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