Devil-Man Relation Of Heroine-Comedian

By - December 05, 2015 - 10:01 AM IST

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There are those times when you observe a certain pattern of relationship between two actors. For instance, senior star Kota Srinivasa Rao and comedian Babu Mohan had repetitive movies wherein Kota was seen bashing Babu Mohan for his gestures and statements.

Now, it appears that one heroine and a comedian are sharing the same relation. We are talking about the big eyed cutie pie Nanditha Raj and the talented comedian Saptagiri. Apparently, the duo teamed up for the movie Prema Katha Chitram.

In that movie, Nanditha as a devil troubles Saptagiri big time and bashes him in one scene. Just like how she scares him in Prema Katha Chitram, the act got repeated in the latest release Shankarabharanam. In this, Nanditha is again seen bashing Saptagiri much to his fear. It appears this combination is going to continue.

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