Brahmanandam Gives Golden Chair To Prithvi

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When it comes to comedy, the only name that is taken often in Tollywood is Hasya Brahma Brahmanandam. These days, his position is such that his role is almost parallel to the hero and he is a guaranteed crowd puller. That way, Brahmi has been sitting on the golden chair of Tollywood.

But now, there are those who feel that the throne that Brahmi is sitting is getting another deserving heir. He is none other than ’30 Years Industry’ Prithvi. In the last series of movies that Prithvi has acted, he has given some highlight performances.

Crowds are erupting in peals of laughter for his dialogue delivery and body language. The latest from him is in the movie Shankarabharanam wherein he essayed the role of Percentage Paramesh. Many felt the film entered a new league the moment he arrives onscreen. Well, the time has come for Prithvi to sit on the golden chair then.

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