Reviews Vs Revenues Of 'Shankarabharanam'

By - December 05, 2015 - 11:16 AM IST

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This may sound a bit unusual to you but then no matter how many reviews come with different types of ratings, once audience likes a film then nothing else matters. In many instances, films that got great ratings fizzled out at the box office and the opposite has also happened.

That way, there is no connection between reviews and revenues. Now, the latest release Shankarabharanam has seen some below average ratings by the critics. But the reality at the collections centers is something different.

The same happened with the movie Geetanjali which got negative ratings and the film became a hit at the box office. The same applies here as well because the collections are quite strong and the openings are good. The family audience flow has started and there is no other release for a week.  Get set for another success then.

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