Ramanaidu Studio Heads To Chennai

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The only word which is constantly making rounds all over the nation is Chennai and the reason for that is the way the city has been battered by incessant rains and flood. All the weak loopholes of the city got exposed such as encroached constructions, poor quality of roads, extremely mismanaged sewerage system and others.

Meanwhile, the aspect of humanity still exists and many from different parts of the nation and the NRI community are doing their best to help. From our end, Ramanaidu Studios has come up with an initiative. It has announced that all those who are willing to donate but don’t know where to go can contact Ramanaidu studios office.

Once all the donations are received, Ramanaidu studios is making arrangements for the consignment to reach Chennai within 24 hours. This is indeed a praiseworthy move and Ramanaidu studios has become the focal point for many kind hearted donors.

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