Ram Charan Rejects Sukumar's Heroine?

By - December 05, 2015 - 12:05 PM IST

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If there is one actress who is making it to the hot news category in Telugu films these days, it is Hebbah Patel who played the lead role in Kumari 21F. She became a major crowd pulling factor and was quite instrumental in the success of the film as well. But now, she got a shocking rejection from none other than Mega Powerstar Ram Charan!

Going to the inside story, Hebbah Patel was coaxing her Kumari 21F producer and dialogue writer Sukumar to get her good roles now that the film became a big hit. Somewhere in her heart Hebbah seems to worry that she would be branded with bold heroine image and wanted to get off it soon. A distressed Sukumar recommended Hebbah to Ram Charan for his upcoming film. Ram Charan obeyed the logical filmmaker’s words and even conducted a photoshoot with her.

But alas! Ram Charan didn’t like Hebbah Patel! He even said that for his film he needs a female lead with more maturity and Hebbah may not be an ideal choice for the film. To make things worse, Ram Charan even said that she needs to work on her acting skills a little more. Hebbah was naturally distraught with such rejection and shared her sadness with Sukumar.

The considerate Sukumar felt sad for Hebbah and recommended her for Manchu Vishnu’s upcoming film which also has Raj Tarun in lead role.

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