Jr Brahmanandam Or Jr Krishna Bhagawan?

By - December 07, 2015 - 10:51 AM IST

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You would have noticed that a tradition is followed in the film industry wherein an upcoming actor is resembling or showing the potential of a senior star, he/she is given the tag of ‘Junior’. In that context, the discussion is happening about one actor who is being seen as a successor to Hasya Brahma Brahmanandam.

He is none other than ’30 Years Industry’ Prithvi. The film fraternity and some cine buffs are saying he is the replacement for Brahmi in the coming time. Now, a debate is happening whether this is a right observation or not. The opinion expressed is Prithvi can be called as replacement for Krishna Bhagawan.

The reason being, Brahmi is a very versatile actor who has a range of expressions and body language based on the role he is doing. But at this point, Prithvi is yet to get that versatility. However, he has that poker face of Krishna Bhagawan and cracks comedy with his dialogues. What do you think?

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