Ravi Babu in competition with Rajamouli?

By - December 06, 2015 - 05:00 PM IST

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It is a fortunate thing that our Telugu film industry has been blessed with versatile directors and actor turned director Ravi Babu belongs to the same breed. He is one director who has been different from regular storytellers right from his debut movie Allari and his filmography differentiates speaks for his versatility.

Currently he is coming up with a different film and industry onlookers are opining that it would escalate him to the league of maverick director Rajamouli. Going into the details, Ravibabu is currently working on script that is based on a creature that involves CG and graphics to a large extent. This film will be produced by ace production house Suresh Productions. He is initially supposed to work with Venkatesh next but that did not materialize and now this new project has come into picture.

Already Rajamouli’s Eega belonging to the same category has earned him and Suresh Productions international fame. Now Ravi Babu is leaving no stone unturned to materialize this project and insiders say that this would be yet another stunning film ever made.

So currently everyone is curious over this film and time shall decide if Ravibabu would give a tough competition to Rajamouli or not!

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